If like us, you’re based in Melbourne, you’ll be all too familiar with the concept of masking up for your daily walk or trip to the shops. With Sydney now in the mix, with strong face mask recommendations in place, we thought it would be a good time to share with you some of the resources that helped us make our very own Face Masks at home.

If you have a sewing machine, you’re halfway towards making your very own face mask. Here at Sugar Republic, we like to encourage creativity and individuality, so why not think outside the box and create a face mask that is completely unique to you.

Here are some examples of the face masks that we’ve created over the last few weeks.

This is one of our favourites because it looks like a Neenish Tart!

We tried and tested a few different patterns but found the Burda to be the most comfortable and the most practical. Check out the link below for instructions and pattern pieces.

Top Tips:

  1. Add extra space for a filter like paper towel by adding a 1cm piece at the sideof the front and a 4.5cm piece at the side of the back. Instead of sewing the sides together, sew a hem on each side of the back before you join the two pieces. Once joined and turned inside out, fold down the 4.5cm to make the elastic casing. This will leave a little pocket for the filter. Check out the image below to see the extra measurements added to the pattern pieces.             
  2. Don’t like the elastic pulling your ears? Why not use ribbon instead of elastic and tie it around your head.               Alternatively, keep the elastic and secure it with clips to your hair or to a hat.
  3. Be creative, make it fun and unique to you.

Our talented Creative Director Allison made the masks pictured out of fabric she had been collecting for decades. All other required tools were either purchased from Spotlight or were items that were owned prior to the commencement of this project. This post is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Burda or Spotlight, we just love a good Spotlight trip whether online or in-store.

Please note that this post is intended to help people make their own DIY face masks and share our experience of making them. These are not medical grade masks and while these will stop you from getting a fine if you’re in Victoria, they won’t stop you from getting sick. They will aid in the prevention of spreading the virus if you’re sick and don’t realise it and they will help you to remember to not touch your face whilst out and about.

We hope that this helps you if you choose to create your own DIY Face Mask. Allison can make one in just 20 minutes! How long will it take you?

Share your experiences in the comments below and share a photo of your creation tagging to be featured in our stories.

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